Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday February, 17th

Saturday and Sunday ended up being unplanned "cheat" days. I'm ok. But I need to hit the gym today for sure. Mondays are my gym day and I can't miss it. 15 pounds down and 15 to go.  Saturday was a belated Valentine's Day dinner at the Olive Garden. I had the mixed grill which was steak, chicken, potatoes and asparagus. I had salad which had parmesan cheese but picked the croutons out (cuz I don't like them). I did eat almost an entire breadstick. I counted as much of it as I could using the nutrition guide on the Olive Garden website. Mike brought me a soy chai latte on Sunday morning. Soy isn't on my diet but I can't drink dairy right now. Well, neither is the sugar but my sugar intake is still very low. Sunday's dinner was at a great restaurant in Carson City called "Sassafras." I had the Thai Chicken salad. I have no clue what the calories were in that. It was an explosion of flavors in my mouth. Mike decided to get something called Supercalicheesalicious...our something like that as an appetizer. It was a small sourdough round full of different cheese and garlic pieces. We are paying for it today but it was amazing. Back to reality and my nose to the grindstone.

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