Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ear piercing

Alexia came home the other day with heart shaped stickers on her earlobes. They were her earrings. She was very proud of her earrings and kept brushing her hair back and waggling her head so everyone could see them. She started naming off all the girls in her classroom who have pierced ears already. "You know," I said. "You could get your ears pierced for real if you wanted." Her eyes got real big for a second like WOAH! She looked kind of scared but with a hint of, "But I'd be so cool!" at the same time. And that was the end of that talk.

Egg Drop 2010

Lexy and daddy worked hard on her Egg Drop Contraption for this year's contest. Lexy dubbed it the "Black Tulip." It's black drip line connected with drip line elbows and connected with zip ties and duct tape. The middle section is three athletic socks. One is tied to either end of the Tulip with one tied in the center between the socks at the top and the bottom. The egg is inside a ziplock sandwich baggie filled with packing peanuts. At the top sits a nice big fluffy garbage bag parachute. You see, this isn't our first time at the rodeo.

Yes, it is mighty! Rowr!

All the kids at Lexy's school bring their Egg Drop Contraptions in hopes that their fragile egg will survive being dropped from the roof of the school.

Teacher Collin has the Black Tulip and is carefully fluffing the parachute out.


Sierra Safari Zoo

It was such a beautiful day that I decided we should get out of the house and go somewhere outside. I chose the Sierra Safar Zoo over in Red Rock. We scooped up Kiernan's best friend and his brother and we took off to the zoo. I paid our entrance fee and bought an ice cream cone full of feed for each child and one for myself and we set off to see the animals. Our official "Greeters" made us feel plenty welcome with a hearty "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk!!" The peacocks were out in full force today. Several sat in the tree and across the wall separating the main house from the zoo.

We were all anxious to feed the deer but worked our way through the smaller displays up front.

This sloth fell asleep with his arm still on the branch. Not THAT is tired!
For future reference, deer like shoelaces

The white deer looks like it's laughing. He's probably laughing at Lexy cuz she has deer spittle on the backs of her hands.
It was a deer mosh pit!

What we were the most excited to see what the Zoo's newest large cat; the Liger "Kalika."

She looked at us lazily as we walked up like HEEEEEEY People! Once more people walked over to her cage she got super excited. Then she started acting like the 1 year old kitty she is. One of the big cat volunteers came to her fence and started talking to her. Her idea of playing with him is for him to turn his back to the fence and bang his hands against the chain link. She got a real intent look on her face and pounced!

Some of the other animals we enjoyed

All the peacocks we came across were big hussies and were speading their feathers for everyone. Very pretty!

We all got a little sunburned and drank a ton of water but had a good time.

No, I have no clue what those two are doing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Animal Grossology

We all took a trip to the Wilbur May museum at San Rafael Park last weekend to see the Animal Grossology Exhibit before it leaves. Mike thought it wasn't worth the price ($30 for the family) but I think anything that has educational value is worth the price. Even cow farts and lion scat. I know far more about fly pee than any human should ever know.

Mommy? What are Ticks?