Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ray Harryhausen ROCKS!

"Homer" bought my husband "Clash of the Titans" for XMas. I love the fact that Medusa was so scary that my son had to pull the blankets over his face to get through the scene. I can't wait to get all the Sinbad's on DVD!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Then I hear the sing songy voice of Lexy calling out, "I'mmmmmmmmm poooooooooooooooooopy!" I find her at the top of the stairs dancing with her diaper in her hands. And I'm not kidding about the dancing part. She was full on dancing. I started up the stairs praying to myself, "Please don't let there be poop everywhere." I look inside the diaper and there's nothing there. "Where's the poopy Lexy?" "Wight Der!" And wight der indeed it was on the floor. *sigh*


Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a parent quite like, "This diaper is YUCKY!" I was afraid to turn my head lest there be poop running down her legs.

Whew! She just didn't like that diaper.

Christmas is over!

And again, Thanksgiving still reigns supreme in my book. No stress, no wrapping, no picking out the perfect gift....what should I bring to dinner and what time should I be there? Then I spend the day hanging out with the family members I do like.
I was up until super late wrapping presents. Of course, I could have wrapped them and hid them again but noooooo I'm all cool like that. Mike got to see Lexy when she first walked downstairs and her mouth just dropped to the floor when she saw everything under the tree. She ran back upstairs and woke up Kiernan and the paper shredding was on. They were so cute during the opening portion. Lexy would hand me her present and say, "Open it!" "Honey, it's your present, you open it!" I would start it for her and she would open it the rest of the way. Of course, she started to get the hang of it towards the end but then they were out of presents to open. She looked at Mike and said, "More presents!" He laughed and told her that she had opened them all which prompted her to put her hands over her mouth and sob. Needless to say, she took a long nap later on.
During the wrapping and unwrapping phases Mike and I just looked at each other like What did we BUY?! I can distinctly remember getting swamped with presents when I was little before my parents divorced. The front room would be so full of presents and wrapping paper that one literally couldn't walk through. I thought maybe that memory was false but I asked my mom about it some time ago and she told me that it was true. Those were awesome Christmas memories and maybe I wanted the same for my kids. We spoiled them rotten. And I felt both good and guilty at the same time. My daughter opened her stocking first and pulled out the Little Mermaid phone that she had picked out herself (ahh, the memory of a 2 year old) and she was supremely happy. Mike said, "And she's done." Meaning, she could have been happy right there. My mom picked up a Princess Jasmine outfit from Disney for her to wear. She even danced a little with it on then was done. "OFF!!"
Later on, my son informed me that he was bored. I just looked at him *blink blink* "You're bored? Go play with your new toys! Or better yet, pick out the ones you think are boring and I'll take them back!" Mike told me that I had it all wrong. His friends had come over to play and had left and he had no one to share his new toys with. Hence...boredom. Ah. I guess I don't quite have the hang of 7 1/2 year old boy speak yet.
Mike and I are going to celebrate our anniversary and Christmas in a few weeks. We have a spa room scheduled at a casino downtown and the kids are going to auntie's for the night. YEE HAW! Oh and a spa package that includes massages. We can't decide on Hot Stone or Deep Tissue because the sound of either makes us want to drool.
But in the meantime, it was a music and movie Christmas for the both of us. I gave him 4 classic Clint Eastwood westerns, season 1 & 2 of Smallville and the new Audioslave. He gave me Jet Li's Fearless (KICK ASS!), Jet Li's The One (so I like Jet Li), Lost Boys, Season 1 of Samurai Jack, Mortal Kombat & the 10th anniversary edition of Ninja Scroll. Oh and the new Gwen Stefani and Ludacris (I like to walk around and yell LUDA!). Santa brought us the Star Wars Trilogy (because I wasn't allowed to get another set until it came out in a DVD boxed set and I'm tired of waiting for the set of 6 to come out).
And Mike got "Clash of the Titans" from "Homer." If you've ever watched the Simpsons, then you know what a "Homer" gift is. Mike gets gifts from "Homer" every year :)
And my house is destroyed. I should be cleaning it right this very instant but I'm not going to. In fact, I may go and take a nap. How do you like them apples?