Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday baby boy!

Today is Kiernan's 9th birthday! Nine years ago I was 2 weeks overdue and miserable. I had been laid off of work and my last day was to be when I had Kiernan. The co-worker I had been covering for had been on vacation and the joke was that I couldn't go into labor until she got back. Well, on June 30th she got back and I was having contractions at work. Talk about timing!

When I woke up on the morning of June 30, 1999 I knew it was the day. I wasn't having contractions yet but the strangest thing happened. I was drifting in and out of sleep and heard Mike get up to jump in the shower. I'm sure it was the door needing some WD-40 but as he shut the bathroom door I distinctly heard a child's voice say the word, "Momma." It startled me awake. I told Mike, "Today is the day!" and told him what I heard. He just looked at me like riiiiiight. All day I wrote down my contractions on sticky notes (stacking one on top of the next) until finally I called the doctor's office. Come on in!

It was a rough night but 23 hours after my water broke we had Kiernan! Mike and I both cried. And Kiernan peed on the mean nurse. I remember mom telling me she had to go into work to fill out a leave slip and her boss challenged her about putting in for family sick leave. "I have amniotic fluid on my sandal! I'm putting in for sick leave!"

We were driving to Kiernan's party on Sunday and I mentioned to Mike about how having a baby naturally is pretty exciting. He was like, are you nuts? I pointed out that with Alexia the doctor was more like, "What are you doing next Thursday at 8am?" With Kiernan there was the day of contraction counting, calling my mom to pick me up, my water breaking the instant I called Mike to tell him I was in labor, the hospital stay....and Mike interjected, "And me yelling at the doctor and nurses." Yeah, we could have done without that.

And nine years later we have a funny little boy who dances around singing, "babycakes, babycakes, babycakes", thinks everything should be spanked, "like a pepperoni", tells me every day, "I'm boooooooooooooored!", I hear "LEXY!! Mooooooom!!! Lexy is *insert annoying thing his sister does to him here*" a few times a week and everywhere we go he asks, "Will Logan (his cousin) be there?" He's everything I wanted in a baby boy. It's his last year in the single digits and only a few years away from his teens. I hope he stays as sweet as he is now.

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Sharon said...

He is sooooo sweet - I look at his picture above my desk when I need a smile at work. He makes music in my heart.