Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm fixin' to get more excited

I met with the secretary in the Anthropology Department yesterday and it all just gets to much better. I didn't realize it but the department also offers a minor in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology. She had gone over my DARS report and was happy to report that if I switched my minor to Cultural Anthropology then my minor was fulfilled. I have already taken so many Cultural classes it was enough for a minor--that's 12 additional credits I didn't need to take! So let's recap, shall we?
  • Math 120 for 3 credits (ick)
  • Geology 103 lab for 1 credit (I still think the advisor meant 101 lab but I'll check)
  • German 212 for 3 credits
  • Anthropology 281 for 3 credits (Linguistics--which I can take through Independent Learning as English 281)
  • Anthropology 480 for 3 credits (Second semester Linguistics)

But with 110 credits, the additional 13 won't be enough to get me to the 128 credits I need to graduate. So if I take 2 more Archaeology classes I'll have enough for a 2nd minor and will have enough to graduate! I'm going to start in the fall by auditing German 211 to get ready for German 212. I figure, I have to at least get a D in 212 to pass. It's been 6 years since I was last in 212 and it's going to be rough. The alternative is to wait and then the German Department gets axed during the budget cuts and I have to take another 2 years taking a different language. I'm tempted to start the English 281 soon and I'm also tempted to take Math 120 through Independent Learning and have Mike help me.

I'm excited!!!


Sharon said...

Whoa, such good news. Language requirement will be the worst, but I promise you that when you get to the end and walk through commencement, it will one of the biggest highs you will ever have.

Minya said...

The fall calendar is online now and I have the sign up date marked on my calendar with the call number. Guess what I'm missing though? SHOTS! I have to get a Tetnus Diptheria! I can work here without an updated shot record but I can't go to school!!!! WAHHHH!!!! Do you think I could get it excused due to religious reasons? I'm the High Priestess of No-Shotums. Chant with me now...nooooooooo shotummmmmmmmmmmmsssssssss