Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm fixin' to get excited!!

I received an email on Monday from the advising center:

We still to have your academic records on file and it appears that you may be within 30 credits of graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno.
If you are interested in exploring your path to graduation, please reply to
We look forward it hearing from you.

I wrote back to her:
Dear Gigi,
You’re going to go and make me sad and give me a complex! I’ve been at UNR as a student on and off for the past 20 years and a senior for something like 8 years now. I would love to graduate!! However, life and more importantly, children have gotten in between me and my diploma. Can I meet with someone to discuss what I have left to take? I’m hoping to start classes again in Fall 2009. I know I have 2 classes left in my major (linguistics) and something like 18 credits in my minor (3rd world history). I still need my math and I had no choice but to drop out of my 4th semester in German so I’ll need my foreign language requirement. Am I on the right path?
~Chris Carver

Gigi called me that afternoon and asked me how much I wanted to continue in Anthropology. I said, if I had graduated on time then I most likely would have gone on to Grad school and started working in the field. Now, I just want to graduate. She said she wanted to set up a meeting to see me and wanted to know what I thought about getting a degree in General Studies. That made me laugh because that's what my husband graduated with after he realized Mechanical Engineering wasn't for him. I told her I'd be very open to that to which she replied, "I'm real excited about this!" She rattled off the classes I'd need if I were to stay in anthropology and it sounded like all I'll really need to take is my math. Holy Moly! I could graduate soon! If Math is all I need, I could graduate next year!!! I am so getting my mom and step-dad one of those, "UNR Mom" and "UNR Dad" t-shirts! But I haven't had the meeting yet so I'm just fixin' to get excited.



ChaCha said...

YowZa!!! Congrats!

Ian said...


Sharon said...

Wowzers! You have to go through commencement and you have to throw your hat. Think how excited the kids will be - they've been around there all this time and will only know that it's exciting. You have no idea what a rush that will be for you.

Minya said...

I counted it up on my own and from what I can see I will need Math 120, CH 201 and one more science. I am NOT taking Biology. I can't dissect animals, amphibians, insects etc. so burmp! Maybe I'll take a Geography or Geology. But still, 3 classes aint bad!