Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a little post I like to call "The VA has killed my father in law"

My father in law finally was able to see an oncologist and his cancer has spread into his lymph nodes and his bones. He's been given a maximum of 6 months to live and was sent home with pain pills to keep him comfortable while he dies. Now, if the VA had run the tests it should have run LAST YEAR when he was complaining of not feeling well then the cancer could have been detected. But here we are, a year later and this time after they ran every test known to science, they know he has single cell lung cancer. WTF? How can the VA function when they are so incompetent? Being treated at the VA is like traveling back through time to the Medieval period and being treated by physicians by bleeding him into a bowl to cleanse his blood. I think a witch doctor could have done a better job. Am I angry? You bet!


wendryn said...

I'm so sorry. The incompetence of doctors is one of the most frustrating things I know.

Sharon said...

Vets are getting the short stick - were and are. Don't serve your country because you'll end up homeless and/or sick without recourse. How did we come to this

Minya said...

The VA is where you go to die not to be treated. It's a house of death.