Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm about 2 seconds from becoming hysterical!

I just washed all ALL AAALLLL my belly dance laundry (save one pair of pants (red Melo sashes) that's in another bag--so not quite all) on cold about an hour ago. I just went to pull it all out to hang to dry in the bathroom. Here's how it goes:

Me: *enters the laundry room*

Sniff sniff!

*thinks to self---self why does it smell like bleach in the laundry room?*

*starts pulling laundry out of the washer*

I did mention it was all of my laundry save one pair of pants right?

I forgot...I put bleach in the load that I had run through early this morning. Those towels were a little musty and I thought they could use a little germ killing power.

That same germ killing power was still lurking in my washer!!!! BECAUSE I FORGOT BECAUSE IT WAS SO MUCH EARLIER IN THE DAY!!!

All my one pair of pants.

There were a few shirts that miraculously didn't get any bleach on them. My pair of black minis...not a drop of bleach. My Suhaila scrunchy bleach. My fuschia garters...they look ok. However, my goddamned Melophoenix grey spirals are RUINED!! RUUUUINED!!!! Not even the little itty bitty tiny bleach spot that you can only see when you look close up. RUINED! As well as my Nigerian benefit mini skirt and sweatshirt from The ones that took me damned near 6 weeks to get. The matching shirt has a few light spots that I'm not happy about but it will live. My Blind Divine t-shirt..dead. Most of my black pirate shirts...dead. My Suahaila skirt pants....dead. My goddamned SPIRALS! My favorite pair of pants in the entire world...dead. *sob*

Oh wait, I didn't wash my black cherry velvet Melos either because I only wear them for special occasions. My head is killing me. I need a drink bad but I have to wake up early and it won't happen if I drink. How bout I just cry myself to sleep?

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Sharon said...

That is a very sad story.