Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm dead dog tired

Every year the students from my belly dance class do a series of performances in the late spring. I only dread it because I know I'll be worn out when it's done. And it's done and I'm worn out.
We had a performance two Friday ago (April 20th), a tech rehearsal Sunday night, rehearsal Monday and Wednesday nights, a dress rehearsal on Thursday night, performances on Friday and Saturday nights and one this afternoon. Plus my son's Little League game on Saturday morning (he was an ANIMAL!! He did an awesome job!)

I am completely worn to the bone. It's 6:21 and my daughter's asleep on the couch and I know I should wake her up but she's so tired she's being naughty. My son is working on homework on and off and I have laundry going. I need like 2 full days of sleep.

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Sharon said...

You'll have to take your two full days of sleep in installments. Sleep now while the baby is sleeping!