Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lexy's Birthday Party

aka How many places can I find melted chocolate?

We rented a bounce house for 4 hours (3-7pm/party started at 2). They called me yesterday and asked if it would be ok if they dropped it off between 9-10 today. So we got a bounce house for almost 9 hours for the price of 4. Sweet! And it had Princesses all over it. Doubly sweet. It was one of those super deluxe houses that has a slide, basketball hoop and mini obstacle course inside. We invited all the kids from the neighborhood plus the kids in my family so I figure there was something like 10 kids or so here. We had the BBQ up and running with chicken, steak and hot dogs. The theme was Tinkerbell (or Tinka-bey-yo) and of course there was the Tinkerbell cake. We followed that up with the chocolate fountain we recently inherited and a snow cone machine. What can one say about a "Chocolate Fountain"? I had some girlfriends over a month ago and we used it. It was super tasty and actually not too bad to clean up (about 20 minutes including dumping the chocolate out). Fast forward to today---Said chocolate fountain with 10 kids. At about 40 minutes into it I was still scrubbing chocolate from the walls of my kitchen (which is just where I was cleaning it---it wasn't even used there). I walked back to the garage (thinking I was done) and found chocolate fingerprints all over the back of the door. I was standing at the sink and happened to glance over at the snow cone maker only to find the whole backside was coated in chocolate (especially around the on/off button). I laughed and came out to the front room and told my husband about where I had found more chocolate. He laughed too because it was on both my forearms. We all had a great time. I love having family and friends over.

P.S. I went to help my husband get my son up to bed and found more on the wall opposite of the stairs. I have a feeling there will be more to come.

P.P.S. Snow cone margaritas ROCK!


Sharon said...

You should have let Emma "help" you clean up. Snow cone margaritas! Where????!!

:shazzy: said...

Holy chocolate! And a big happy birthday to little lexy whom I have yet to meet!!! Pictures?