Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fishtank Ensemble

It's a silly name for an amazing musical group. I've seen them twice now and am just so impressed by them. Their lead singer plays the musical saw! How can you not like a band where someone plays a musical saw??

Their main violinist, Fabrice, is self taught and doesn't even read music! Ursula, Fabrice's wife and lead singer, has such an amazing voice. She goes back and forth from singing to playing her saw and it sounds practically the same! I have NEVER seen someone play bass like Djordje! And Doug's guitar playing is beautiful.

I am smitten.


M said...

Do you know there is an annual musical saw festival? It's in NYC:
Here is a video from last year's festival:

Minya said...

That is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the link.