Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Sunday, May 02, 2010

There comes a time in every little girl's life....

Where she decides, "To pierce or not to pierce?" Alexia asked me last week why she couldn't pierce her ears like her friend, Ally. "Well," I replied. "You've never asked." She looked at me like Huh? That's all it takes? And immediately asked, "CanIpiercemyears??" (It sounded just like one word.) Sure.
So we were at JCPenney's yesterday and she asked, "Mommy, you said I could get my ears pierced. Can we get them pierced today?" Sure. REALLY? Yes. PINKY PROMISE? Yes. And she made me pinky promise. We stood in the checkout line at Penney's and she just could not stop talking about it. She told the clerk and she told several ladies in line about how she was on her way to get her ears pierced (I don't think she even took a breath.) They were all very amused. She even made me Pinky Promise her one more time while our items were being rung up.
We left through the mall entrance of Penney's and headed straight for Claire's. The assistant manager helped us choose these pretty pink daisy earrings and had her sit in the piercing chair. She gave me the whole run down about what she was going to do, how to clean them, when they can be changed out and started getting the piercing gun ready. She was cleaning her equipment when this very loud, boisterous woman walked by the chair and loudly asked Lexy, "Are you getting your ears pierced?!" Lexy nodded with a little smile. "Oh, you are SO BRAVE!! When I got my ears pierced I cried like a big baby. But I bet you're going to be SO BRAVE!!!" I couldn't even begin to repeat what this woman was telling her but just that she was SO LOUD!
The assistant manager seemed ready but was waiting. I think she realized I was looking at her like, "Aaaaaand??" and said, "I'm just waiting for the store manager." I felt a little panicked for a second. How did this young girl make assistant manager when she doesn't even know how to pierce ears at an ear piercing store? Au contraire! Claire's employees are very smart, indeed. I was asked to stand in front of Lexy in the chair so she was looking directly at me. The assistant manager had one gun at her left ear and the manager had the other at her right. The assistant counted down, 3-2-1 and they both pierced an ear.
Lexy insists she said, "OW!" but she didn't. Her mouth opened in a loud gasp, her eyes filled with tears and her lip started to quiver. She was staring straight ahead, trying so hard not to cry that I almost cried. She looked up at me with gigantic eyes full of pain. Just then, the VERY LOUD woman said, "You did it!! You got your ears pierced!! Ohhhh they're beautiful!! You are SO BRAVE!!! You didn't even cry!" She was so loud that Lexy's head snapped up in surprise and it was like she shook it off. "Yes! I got my ears pierced!!"
I went up to the cashwrap to pay for her earrings and cleansing solution and they put her bottle inside of a cute pink bag that read, "Just Got My Ears Pierced." She carried that all over the mall. Every so often, she'd stop and loudly asked, "What does this say again, mommy?"
She can't WAIT to show her friend, Ally, tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they have the same earrings which will no doubt delight them both.

Kiernan wants his ears pierced. I told him no. Not until he's much older. Then we'll talk.

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