Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dad update

So, dad called today. Why is that unusual? Because he only calls me when he’s in the hospital. Guess where he is; in the hospital. I asked him why he had been admitted and he said he didn’t know. “So they just started calling random vets and let them know it was their turn to be admitted?” “No, I came to get checked out and they admitted me.” But he still doesn’t know why. “I was having some shortness of breath, that’s all.”

C: Is it because of all the water you’re retaining?
D: No, they’re taking care of that and it’s much better.
C: Is it your hernia?
D: No, it’s not that.
C: Are you going to get your hernia repaired?
D: No, it doesn’t hurt.
C: How can it not hurt, dad. I would think it was getting infected?
D: It doesn’t hurt, it just looks stupid.
C: Maybe it’s your conjoined twin? Why don’t you get it taken care of?
D: Because I cough so much that I’d just end up spreading my guts all over town.
C: Ewww
D: Yeah, all 27 feet of them

The VA has two new doctors from Lithuania and they seem to think it’s *something* and decided to admit him. But he doesn’t know why. I gave him what he called for in the first place which was my sister’s telephone number, told him I loved him and that I’d talk to him later.

And here I sit at work shaking my head. Seriously, I don't know what keeps him going.

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