Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's been 20 years!

How time flies. My 20 year high school reunion was this weekend so I thought I'd blog it before the week of insanity begins. I gotta tell you, I was very apprehensive about going. Most of the people who logged into the site were people I only knew by name and had never spoken to. I had a performance on Friday night so I missed the Friday night "Debauchery." Saturday night was the dinner and dancing and Sunday the BBQ. Like in true Carver fashion, we were very late to the events on both days. I said hi to a few people I recognized as we tried to find a chair so we could eat dinner. When I came to the person I thought I'd be eating with there weren't any chairs left. However, the people in those chairs were people I didn't know were coming and I was so happy to see them. We found a place to sit and eat and made some chit chat then made our way back over to the original table we stopped at. Tracey Fuhrman was the first to come over and give me a huge hug. I didn't realize how much I missed her until I saw her face. I had seen her bio on the events site and I smiled thinking about her but when I saw her I was absolutely giddy. Best hug ever! Then it was Jennifer Dunn. She and I lost touch even before high school ended but seeing her again also made me smile. It was a great evening. I found myself dancing to lots of memorable songs but kept stopping to talk. Then dancing. Then talking. All in the same place. Guess what? 80's music, while it brings back memories of high school, sucks to dance to. Blech! Dan Dement grabbed my hand to dance to a Duran Duran song and on the dance floor I had to confess that I really couldn't stand them. He was nice enough to point out my bleached out Duran Duran jeans (bleached with all their names in it). I just found a bag of Duran Duran pins out in the garage when I was going through boxes a few weeks ago. I was tempted to wear them but it went away. Jennifer Barnes Parlane was blond and for a brief moment I didn't recognize her but I don't see how I could have missed that; she looks just the same. Jeff Barr came up from Phoenix for the reunion. It was super great seeing him plus then Mike had someone to talk to. Poor Mike. We'd be standing around in a group then suddenly the perfect song would come on and someone would grab my hand to go dance. The whole feel of this reunion was different than the 10 year. At the 10 year it was like people felt they had something to prove. At this one people were just themselves and had a great time.

As we left the BBQ today, Ross stopped and said, "This was fun!" He said with so many of us living locally, we should try and get together for a yearly BBQ. We'd invite the out of towners but the locals could still get together and hang. I hope it works out.

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Sharon said...

Good for Dan. I was just getting ready to remind you of those jeans, but he called you on it already. Great fun - congratulations!