Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thinking bout what she done

It's Thursday morning and we're getting ready to leave the house. With about 30 minutes until we leave, I look at Kiernan and I see that look that he gets when he doesn't feel good. I asked him, "Is your stomach hurting?" He nods quickly and gives me that pained look. "Do you feel like you're going to throw up?" He nods again then starts crying. Crying = the throwing up is coming. I rush him to the bathroom but nothing happens. The stomach cramps subside a little and he laid down on my bed. I'm working on getting Lexy's teeth brushed and Kiernan started crying again and clutching his stomach. Again, nothing. I put toothpaste on Lexy's toothbrush and asked her to start brushing. I went out into the living room, grabbed Kiernan's clothes off the couch then walked back to my bedroom and handed him his clothes. Maybe 1 minute of walking. What could happen in 1 minute? A whole heck of a lot!! I had just handed him his clothes when Lexy starts SCREAMING! I rush to the bathroom and she's *in* the sink with her hands over her mouth and shrieking. As I get right next to her I realize that blood is dripping from between her fingers. "What did you DO!?" I yelled hysterically and shaking. She didn't answer and just continued to cry. I tried to pull her fingers away but could only manage to pry her fingers back a little bit to see a long slice across her upper lip. I'm completely confused and panicing because she's bleeding a lot. It is then that I glance down and see Mike's disposable razor right below her elbow. "Were you using daddy's razor?!" She groaned, "Noooooooo." But that was it. If daddy can shave his face, why can't she? Note: Lips bleed a LOT! I took her to the doctor just to make sure she was going to be ok (in case he needed to put in a stitch) but he said it looked good and that lips, while they bleed a lot, they also heal very quickly and never get infected because all of the blood circulating. Kiernan was so mezmerized by the whole event that I think he forgot that his stomach had been hurting and it didn't hurt for the rest of the day.

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