Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
The Kung Fu Carvers

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It has got to be over

We received a call that it was time to pick Kiernan up from "The Boy's" house. The message was that they "were done." So I put on my shoes and headed over to pick him up. "The Boy's" father walked Kiernan to the car and said, "Yeah, they were done." As soon as Kiernan got into the car he started bawling. He and "The Boy" had been playing an Army game and Kiernan had shot his character. "The Boy" was so mad that he started beating Kiernan up. "He" punched him the stomach (according to Kiernan a few times) and slapped his face before they were separated.
I can't do this anymore! I think a year is more than enough time to give that monster a chance. We tried it Mike's way for a year and you know what? It didn't work. Let someone else be his whipping boy.


Minya said...

I made the comment to Mike today that I didn't want him over here and that I didn't want him playing with Kiernan. Mike said, "That's fine by me."

It has been a year and a week exactly since last year's big incident.

Sharon said...

Right on!