Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lexy's First Ballet Lesson

When I went to pick up Lexy from school last week we saw one of her friends getting ready to go to her first ballet lesson. As we drove away from school Lexy said, "I wanna go to ballet." "Really?" "Yeah, I wanna go to ballet!" So we drove around the block and went towards the community center. She couldn't dance because she hadn't paid for the class but she was excited enough to want to sign up and come back. We left from class and went to buy tights, leotard and ballet shoes. She and Kiernan spent 40 minutes that night dancing around her bedroom (yes, Kiernan is dancing).

So last night was her first lesson. All the little girls were adorable. The first thing all the girls do is sit with their teacher while she takes roll.
After she finishes taking roll they all start their warm up. She warms them up just like they were a grown up class. They did jumping jacks (HAHAHA!), side bends, toe name it.

What patience the ballet teacher has!

For the first 20 minutes or so the girls were totally focused but after that 20 minute mark the younger ones started to get a little tired. That's when the random leaping and jumping started. There were groups of spinning baby ballerinas everywhere. At 30 minutes Lexy's face was red and she was panting from all the dancing she'd done. By the time class was done it was like herding cats :)

Lexy had so much fun that afterwards she wanted to keep her tutu on at dinner so everyone could see it.

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Sharon said...

That's awesome though I must say that by that last shot it looks like she was dancing a little more like her brother.