Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jack's Big Music Show

If you have kids, you can't go wrong with "Jack's Big Music Show" (unless of course they just aren't into puppets). Lexy is on the fence about puppets. Sometimes she's really into it and something she could care less. Now me on the otherhand, I just love this show. Last summer we taped every new episode and I saw some AMAZING performances (Mel's Super Swell Dance Party YIPPEE!)

There wasn't much on the other day but we were waiting for a show she does like to come and lo and behold, there was Jack so I clicked on it. Jack had accidently broke his best friend Mary's new hammer dulcimer. Jack, Mary and Jack's dog Mel were standing over this broken hammer dulcimer and it went into a "music video." That's what Jack's Big Music Show is about, the videos of artists playing their music and little kids dancing around them. Trust me, it's cute.

Sorry, where was I? Broken hammer dulcimer. So on comes the music video and my head just snapped around from where I was. AMAAAAAZING music was coming from the screen. I'm so getting their album. You'll see a video playing from Laurie Berkner (another album I now own because of this show) but click on the video second from the left. It's two black guys with a violin. They are called "Nuttin but Stringz" and the song is "Thunder."

The demo song on their website is also awesome (under "Media/Photo)

And if you're on the jack website (you know you want to) and surfing around try
I know I've watched each of them at least twice. Some way more than that.


Sharon said...

Cute show. Can you believe that I've never seen it??!

Minya said...

Well yeah, you don't live at my house :) If you can watch Big Joe, you can definately watch Jack Big Music Show. The puppets are MUCH cuter than Big Joe.