Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Lexy is a big girl

Alexia's class is getting ready to move to the next room at daycare. She goes to school at the university's daycare and their program is just about as good as it gets! Her class spends 3 years with the same teachers but move room to room. So 3 years and rooms later, next week it's time to move to the next classroom. She will spend 2 years with her new teacher and be in one room this year and move to the next room for the following year (but with the same teacher).

She started with two fabulous teachers, Kelley and Jill, but Jill left the university this past October. So the remaining teacher, Kelley, has been with her since she was just barely 6 weeks old. This is a woman who loves my daughter almost as much as I do and I will miss her so much. It's not like I won't see her every day still (mostly passing her in the hall) but it's just not the same. We talked about it last week (while we were both trying not to cry) about how it's just not the same. Two years from now, Alexia may or may not even remember the name of this fabulous person who was a key factor in her growing up. Kelley is truly an amazing person and I will miss her wisdom and guidance every single day.

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Sharon said...

I love this picture and I love it every time I see it, which is every time I'm on either one of my computers since it's wallpaper on both. I had to use my laptop on retreat so everyone got to see Allie and to a person, they marveled at her hair - the girl with the "cwazy" hair. This picture absolutely tugs at my heart because I know that elbow gesture, oh so cute.