Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sensory Integrative Dysfunction in Young Children

What the heck is this? Anyone know or have any history of working with kids with this?

It's all in the early stages but my daughter's teachers think she may have a form of this. I won't know more until the beginning of April but thought I would look up some information. One of the things they are seeing is that when she gets frustrated or mad she can't verbalize what is upseting her (she typically yells or cries the word, "OK" over and over again). There are other things they mentioned that I see on this website.

So strange but I guess I'll just wait until we have our first assessment.


Sharon said...

So many behaviours are lumped into this disorder, it's hard to see the connection to this and the differentiation from something else.

Minya said...

I know! I don't think I'm seeing what they're seeing but everything is worth looking into. I don't think they would have brought it to my attention if they weren't worried.

Sharon said...

Try this link~